Hot topics: Towards Europe or Russia? Presidential elections in Ukraine

The Internet edition of Wprost published analysis on the Ukrainian presidential elections. The article also poses the question of whether Ukraine will succeed in taking on a democratic, pro-European course, or if the country will remain under Russia’s influence.

The article also quotes Bartosz Kramek, the President of the Open Dialog Foundation Board, who reminds of the outbreak of social protests in Maidan. – the civil revolution in Ukraine began in late November 2013, when the (then-) president, Yanukovych refused to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union. The decision profoundly shocked Mustafa Nayem, who – in his Facebook post – called upon his peers to come to the Maidan and express their dissatisfaction. Back then, nobody had dared to think that the Ukrainian Independence Square would remain their home for much longer than a single night, and that blood would be shed. But nothing happened in vain – Kramek explained – (…) the revolution lead to Viktor Yanukovych being ousted. The power was taken over by the Ukrainian Supreme Council, which, due to the political situation, ruled that on May 25th 2014 earlier presidential elections would be held. – Finally, Kramek underlined that the presidential elections are of key significance not only to Ukraine, but also Europe, as the latter may gain a legitimate partner, one able to conduct talks on the future of the country. 

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