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RDC: Wilanów – Maidan – Joint Cause

On their Internet website, Radio Dla Ciebie publishes an invitation to a charity concert to assist the families of victims of Maidan clashes, co-organised by the Open Dialog Foundation.

The concert will feature, amongst others, the punk-rock band Moskva, the Przybysz sisters, Natalia and Paulina with their soul repertoire as well as the ensemble R.U.T.A.

RDC goes on to quote Aleksandra Gajewska of the Open Dialog Foundation, who explains that the funds raised through the events will be transferred to the Foundation’s account, and then given to the Ukrainians. – The aim of this fundraiser is to support the families of the victims. It is very important, as the problems of the victims did not end in February. Very often these injuries require prolonged treatment.”

Listen to the audition