Hot topics: Polish-Ukrainian dialog open

The Internet portal reports on the actions by the Open Dialog Foundation for Ukraine – Inside the tent, which stood on Maidan for 56 days, approximately 30 volunteers worked for over 560 hours, preparing the reports on the situation in Kyiv and the scope of state-originating persecutions against the protest participants. This was one of the ways that the Open Dialog Foundation converted moral support into actual aid for the Ukrainians – reports.

The article also cites Bartosz Kramek, the President of the Board for the Foundation, who also describes the work of volunteers, sent to Maidan by the Foundation. – Initially they were supposed to have spent a week in Kyiv; then two. But very often it appeared that many of them came to forsake their duties in Poland and stayed longer in Ukraine, where they felt they were needed.

As reported by the, the Open Dialog Foundation was one of the first who, after the clashes erupted in Kyiv in November 2013, delivered assistance and aid to the strike participants and sent volunteers to monitor the situation.

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