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PAP: Investigation into Export of Bullet-proof Vests to Ukraine Discontinued

The Polish Press Agency (PAP) has provided information about the discontinuation of the investigation into the export to Ukraine of bullet-proof vests. As communicated by the spokesman for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Zamość, Romuald Sitarz, the investigation was discontinued due to the insignificant nuisance of the act to society. ‘The Ukrainian was motivated by humanitarian reasons, did not intend to generate financial benefits, and already, whilst the investigation is still underway, an application has been filed with the Ministry of Economy to issue a permit for exporting the vests’ the spokesman confirmed.

Roman K. who was transporting the equipment, had received the vests from the Open Dialog Foundation. The vests were part of a humanitarian shipment and were heading for soldiers fighting in the east of the country. The discontinuation of the investigation gives way to the possibility of recovering the equipment which has been gathering dust in storage facilities as items of evidence in the case.

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