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The President of the Open Dialog Foundation talks to Polsat News about clashes in Maidan

The President of the Open Dialog Foundation, Lyudmyla Kozlovska has commented on clashes in Kiev’s Maidan that erupted when the last tents and barricades were being dismantled.  

Kozlovska says that those who allegedly defend what was left of Maidan, in fact tend to be discrediting the whole movement rather than supporting it. ODF’s president also stated that the authorities were right, if not tardy, in their attempts to dismantle the barricades because Kiev’s civil society had already been pushing for this for some time: “Most of the city’s inhabitants are tired of seeing the homeless, needlessly lingering in this area, blocking traffic and access to the underground.”Kozlovska also said that those who really want to defend their country should go to the east, where the Ukrainian-Russian conflict is currently playing out. 

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