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Polsat News: N. Panchenko on possible Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Open Dialog Foundation coordinator, Natalia Panchenko, in her interview for Polsat News mentioned the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to Panchenko, such events as airborne troop’s drills taking place near the Ukrainian border, in the Pskov district, bespeak high probability of an invasion. “Putin has found himself against a wall; he has to either retreat or overtly advance today”, Panchenko summarised.

In her talk, the ODF’s coordinator appealed to the West: in her opinion, in order to stop Putin, the US, EU, UN and NATO need to unite over Ukraine.

Panchenko also mentioned the verdict pronounced by the court in Tomaszów Lubelski and the dismissal of a complaint over the confiscation of 42 bulletproof vests: “Out of these 42 vests, 7 were meant for Polish journalists working in Ukraine who turned to us for assistance in finding and purchasing such vests. These people are following the developments in the war zone. It is a shame that the Polish law does not enable them to do that“– said Panchenko.

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