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Report: Collected expertise on draft law of Ukraine “On Purification of Government”

Following publication is a result of an ongoing project of the Open Dialog Foundation focused on support of lustration initiatives in Ukraine.

Since late March 2014 we actively support Lustration Committee of Yehor Sobolev by organizing thematic conferences, study visits in the dedicated institutions in Europe and also a direct hands-on consulting on draft law of Ukraine “On Purification of Government”. Below set of articles is a result of so far collected expertise that has been forewarded to the Lustration Committee as well as to the deputies of Ukraine who initiated the process.

The publication will be disseminated during the event coorganized together with USAID FAIR Justice : Roundtable “Lustration: International experience and Ukrainian perspective” held on 11th Sepember 2014 at the Hotel President in Kyiv.

Following publication can be downloaded here as PDF. Any questions related to the presented topic can be sent to Agnieszka Piasecka, Project Coordinator [email protected]

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