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Bulletproof vests tested on firing range

For several months now, we have been supporting Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the east of the country against pro-Russian terrorists and the regular Russian army: we have been raising funds and buying bullet-proof vests, helmets and other lifesaving and health-protecting equipment. Recently, four ballistic plates purchased by us have been tested on a firing range near Kiev.

The test results are presented in the photographs. Apart from a B3 anti-tank incendiary bullet, no others pierced the vest. So far, we have been unable to identify bullet-proof vests which would withstand thistype of ammunition. As regards the most common calibres of 5.45 and 7.62 (Kalashnikov and anti-materiel rifles), the vests withstand fire from a distance of 15 metres, only leaving a small trace on the plate – this is perfectly visible in the photo. The soldiers on the firing range who tested the plates upon our request were also impressed by the results.

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