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Radio Radicale: The Ukrainian crisis and its repercussions in Europe

The crisis in Ukraine and its repercussions in Europe were discussed on Radio Radicale by the President of the Open Dialog Foundation, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, Elena Rybak, the wife of the deputy to the Gorlovska District Council V Rybak killed by terrorists, and the coordinator of support for Ukraine in the Open Dialog Foundation, Natalia Panchenko.

The programme covered issues such as cases of Ukrainian activists illegally transported to the Russian Federation where fabricated allegations are made against them, including the Ukrainian female pilot Nadehzda Savchenko and the director Oleg Sentsov. The discussions also included issues such as on whose support in Europe Russia can rely on, the developments in the Crimea after its annexation, and the role of Russian propaganda in the conflict. Elena Rybak also talked about the circumstances behind the abduction and death of her husband, V. Rybak.

In conclusion, the question was answered regarding the challenges now faced by Ukraine, emphasising the need to carry out reforms, including lustration, which would make it possible to restore people’s trust in the authorities.