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Statement of the Open Dialog Foundation regarding the participation of the defendant N. Savchenko in the election race

The Open Dialog Foundation provides defence for Nadiya Savchenko, the pilot kidnapped by the RF, by funding the works of a team of counsels as well as by providing objective coverage of the proceedings globally through the organisation of international observation missions.

Recently, the media spread the news about Nadiya Savchenko’s participation in the election as a member of one of political parties in Ukraine. In this connection, we announce the following:

  1. The Open Dialog Foundation has not been party to the negotiations regarding Nadiya’s participation in the election. We became aware of Nadiya’s intention to lead the list of ‘Batkivshchina’ party from the media.
  2. The Foundation is defending Nadiya in connection with human rights violations committed against her, baseless accusations and the fact that Nadiya Savchenko was kidnapped by special forces of the RF.
  3. We continue to call for the release of Nadiya Savchenko, by emphasising the absence of evidence of Nadiya’s guilt, the fact of her kidnapping and violation of international agreements and in coalition with anyone who grants her protection or assistance, regardless of his or her political affiliation.
  4. Participation of the captive Nadiya Savchenko in the presidential race is her independent execution of the right to be elected, which is the right of all citizens of Ukraine.

At the same time, the Open Dialog Foundation hereby warns that political forces which take part in the election campaign should approach any statements, made with regard to Nadiya Savchenko and other political prisoners and prisoners of war, with full responsibility. The election race will come to an end and the consequences which may result from the use of their names in political smear campaigns can leave an indelible mark on the lives of these people.

For more detailed information, please contact:
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