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Relying on information from the ODF, Ukraine’s Pravda reported on the course of the hearing in the case of N. Savchenko

Relying on information from the Open Dialog Foundation, the Ukrainian Pravda reported on the course of the hearing in Nadyia Savchenko’s case of 12th September.

The hearing was about the appeal from the defence on the application of arrest to the Ukrainian pilot detained against international law. The Russian prosecutors and investigators failed to submit any proof of guilt of her alleged involvement in the killing of Russian journalists in the ATO, which would not have been refuted by the defence lawyers. Nadyia’s defence lawyers read in public many pages of materials to attest to her innocence.

In the circumstances, in the Voronez court first mobile telephone signals were blocked, then Internet access was prevented and when that did not help, after the defence had read about 1/3 of the documents – the light was switched off. Then, the Court decided to adjourn the hearing until Monday the rationale being “technical problems”.

It is highly likely that the investigators will be desperately seeking new “eye” witnesses, evidence and arguments.