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70 helmets got into the hands of Donbas and Aidar battalions

On Tuesday, 16th September, at the border crossing in Medyka, the Open Dialog Foundation transferred protective helmets to Ukraine. Seventy PASGT helmets will reach the Donbas and Aidar battalions fighting in the east of Ukraine.

In accordance with the most recent amendment to the Regulation of the Minister of Economy, natural persons may export defensive equipment such as helmets or bullet-proof vests “in quantities necessary for their personal protection”. Which customs authorities interpret as 5 pieces per person. Because of this, the Open Dialog Foundation gathered more than 20 volunteers who helped transfer the equipment over the border.

The helmets were purchased with funds raised during the collection, through which the Foundation helps equip Ukrainian soldiers and members of the National Guard with items such as life-saving bullet-proof vests or CELOX preparations to stop haemorrhages.