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ODF on human rights during the OSCE conference

Starting on Monday, 22nd September, and for the next 2 weeks, government representatives and defenders of human rights will review the fulfilment of the obligations of OSCE member states as regards human rights.

At the annual OSCE conference, the floor was taken, amongst others, by the Open Dialog Foundation’s representative, Jędrzej Czerep, who presented the Foundation’s position regarding the abuse of Interpol by states such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. Czerep pointed to the practice of non-democratic states circumventing the rules of law – such as the right to transparent and fair trials. He also highlighted the necessity to reform Interpol mechanisms – the organisation should change its rules concerning arrest warrants to give accused persons a chance to present evidence in support of their innocence. They should have a possibility of defence before extradition – the Foundation’s representative noted.

Yesterday’s address is available to view here (from the 36th minute). Speach can be also download from OSCE website.