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Following a legal battle of over 6 months, vests finally reach Ukraine

After over 6 months of legal proceedings – spanning two attorneysoffices, the Central Bureau of Investigation and Customs Authority, many hours of hearings, searches, and time spent by lawyers poring over stacks of records, we managed to prove that the bulletproof vests were not tanks but defensive apparel, designed to save lives. 

We (and the drivers) were facing up to10 years behind bars for the purchase and shipment of protective gear by virtue of a public fundraising campaign carried out among Polish citizens and the Ukrainian diaspora. The vests were to be distributed among volunteers, Ukrainian soldiers and the National Guard members. However, the gear was confiscated and has been held in storage since March. Yesterday, on October 15, 2014 the case was dismissed as a nuisance. The vests were successfully shipped to Ukraine. Thank you for your support!