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Tomasz Czuwara on Polsat News: This is a provocation to play Poles off against one another

Tomasz Czuwara, spokesman for the Open Dialog Foundation, in an interview with Polsat News about the statue on Wileński Square and on the matter of  a rather large plaque at the former place of  the “Sleeping Four” statue. 

“To us, that initiative seemed provocative from the outset, intended not to commemorate the Ukrainians, but to actually play off the opponents of the “Sleeping Four” statue off against one another: Those who want a statue of a hero of the Polish Underground State, the cavalry captain Pilecki for instance, against the ones who would like to commemorate in Warsaw, for example, not necessarily at this very place, the victims of Maidan, the Ukrainian revolution”, said Tomasz Czuwara speaking for Polsat News.

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