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ZhasCamp – Kazakhstan Youth Forum

ZhasCamp is the name of Kazakhstan youth conference, which was held in Almaty on October 8-10, 2010.
The word ”Zhas” comes from the Kazakh language and means ”youth”. Indeed, around 280 people from all over the country as well as guests from other countries (Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Kyrgyzstan) gathered together here. It’s the first event of such a large scale and, to be honest – it was a success!

During two days, the youth leaders had the opportunity to exchange their experience, to discuss the most burning questions as well as to take part in trainings conducted by the experts. Meetings on various topics were held evenly in different places, so that the participants could choose the most interesting for them.

As the result of the Conference, a bunch of ideas of how to improve the youth policy in Kazakhstan appeared. 
There was also held a competition for the best youth social project and best one-minute video highlighting the problems of the society. The level of presented videos was extremely high and it was really difficult for me to choose and to vote for the best five.

Forum organizers plan to conduct such meetings regularly.

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