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B. Atabayev has given the Ukrainian Presidential Administration evidence of Ukraine’s corrupt cooperation with Kazakhstan

Bolat Atabayev, the Kazakhstani theatre director and opposition activist, has provided evidence of the corrupt cooperation between the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine (GPU) and the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan (GP RK).

Bolat Atabayev gave the files to the representative of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration during the political performance entitled ‘President and Lustration: 100 Days of Sabotage’ which was staged in Kiev on January 23, 2015. According to Atabayev, the documents prove the existence of corrupt schemes involving Ukrainian deputies and lawyers. The main objective of these schemes is to persecute Kazakhstani opposition – in particular, its most famous representative Mukhtar Ablyazov.

“I have brought decisive evidence that the GP RK, along with the GPU is corrupting your deputies and lawyers. There is a law firm, “Ilyashev and Partners”, which gives 4000 to 5000 euros to Ukrainian deputies so that they file requests in favour of the GP RK. The documents show how the GPU is working for Nazarbayev’s money. As a result, Kazakhstani opposition activists get sought after and arrested by INTERPOL”, said Atabayev at the rally.

Atabayev’s handing over of the evidence of the corrupt cooperation between Ukrainian high officials and Nazarbayev’s government was widely covered by the Ukrainian media. Andriy Taranov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, made a commitment to forward these documents to the President. The Open Dialog Foundation has inquired about their further processing. Their public information inquiry contained the following questions:

  • Were the materials which Bolat Atabayev handed over to Andriy Taranov registered in the Presidential Administration of Ukraine? What is their entry registration number?
  • What is the further procedure for considering these files?
  • Will the GPU be checked for corrupt cooperation with the GP RK on the basis of the files provided by Bolat Atabayev?

Pursuant to the law, the Presidential Administration is to answer within a period of five working days.