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Campaign on ‘A hundred days of lustration’

A hundred days after the signing of the lustration law in Ukraine, the Open Dialog Foundation organised a manifestation on Bankova street in Kiev. Even though more than three months had passed from the coming of the law into force, the ones to be dismissed continued to perform their functions – the organisers notes.

The campaign participants put on Bankova street a symbolic ‘bin of history’ to be a reminder of the need to replace the Ukrainian authorities. The lustration covered 374 officials who, under the law, should have been removed from power but nevertheless continue to occupy their positions.

Next to the President of the Open Dialog Foundation, Lyudymyla Kozlovska, the campaign was joined, inter alia, by Bolat Atabayev, well-known Kazakh film director supporting the opposition circles. During the manifestation, Atabayev presented evidence in support of corruptive collaboration between the Prosecutor’s Offices of Kazakhstan and Ukraine.