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Open Dialog Foundation through the lens of the reporters of the poż programme

A poż programme shown on the TVP Info channel was devoted to the Open Dialog Foundation, during which we talked about the help we provide to refugees from Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

For a year now, the Foundation has been intensively supporting Ukrainian refugees – both those who decided to come to Poland and those who have stayed in Ukraine but were forced to leave their homes in the war zone. We have also been helping Ukrainian civilians and military units by providing them, amongst other things, with warm clothes.

In Poland, we have extended psychological support to people who have suffered traumatic experiences. In the programme, Natalia Basko talked about her work as a psychologist and the challenges she faces.

We have also supported journalists from Kazakhstan working for opposition editorial boards and persecuted for their views by the authorities. The journalist of the anti-regime “Respublika”, Zhanara Kasymbekova, and the journalist of the independent weekly “Vzglyad”, Igor Vinyavsky, talked about the fates faced by dissidents in their country and how they have organised their lives in Poland.

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