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Ukrainian media on the “Savchenko List” compiled by the ODF

Bartosz Kramek, Anastasia Chornogorska and Petro Okhotin of the Open Dialog Foundation presented to the Ukrainian media the “Savchenko List”, which is a list of persons involved in the persecution of the Ukrainian lieutenant.

Petro Okhotin pointed out that the list was addressed to Russian officials who were responsible for her illegal abduction and captivity. He also called for the imposition of personal sanctions upon the persons named on the list. The list contains 68 names, the first one being Putin, who made decisions on Nadiya’s case. Anastasia Chornogorska mentioned four categories of people on the list: the ones taking political decisions, involved in the gathering and falsification of documents, taking decisions in court on the basis of falsified evidence and lobbying in Russia and the EU against Savchenko. The Chair of the Foundation’s Council, Bartosz Kramek, noted that Savchenko’s case, covered widely by Polish media due to Russian propaganda, is not well-known, for instance, in Austria, Italy or other southern European countries. In conclusion, he called upon the Ukrainian authorities to implement sanctions. ‘We are ready to help Ukraine, but Ukraine also has to take action itself,’ Kramek said.

Compiled by the ODF, the “Savchenko List” was inspired by the “Magnitsky List”. Earlier, Open Dialog also organised international observation missions, sending politicians and human rights defenders to participate in Nadiya’s trials. Three reports were also drafted documenting the developments in her case.



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