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Petro Okhotin on the need to reform Interpol

Deputy of the Ukrainian Svoboda party, Oleg Osuhovsky, and Petro Okhotin of the Open Dialog Foundation talked at the Verkhovna Rada about the abuse of Interpol mechanisms by façade democracies such as Kazakhstan and Russia. Ukrainian media provided information about the press conference during which the Foundation’s report was presented on the need to reform the international police. 

As Okhotin pointed out, representatives of the opposition have been persecuted, with the use of Interpol tools, by, amongst others, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine during the Yanukovych era. The Foundation’s representative also talked about the time-consuming and complicated procedure of removing persons from the international wanted list and presented, at the same time, the stories of the persecuted Kazakh dissidents Muratbek Ketebayev and Mukhtar Ablyazov.