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Stop the ride of the ‘Night Wolves’ across Poland. ODF appeals to the Foreign Ministry

The Open Dialog Foundation requested that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Grzegorz Schetyna, refuses permission for the ride of the so-called ‘Night Wolves’ across Poland. The Russian motorcycle gang, also known as ‘Putin’s bikers’, has recently announced plans to ride across Poland at the end of April. 

The Night Wolves have previously preceded the arrival of Russian aggression: visiting, amongst other places, the Crimea immediately prior to its annexation. The gang members also embarked on plunderous trips to Donbas and other Ukrainian cities occupied by the Russians. Now they are planning a ride across Poland.

The Night Wolves publicly sympathise with the totalitarian Communist system which is contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and Article 256 of the Polish Penal Code. On more than one occasion, the gang have glorified, amongst others, Joseph Stalin. The ride across Poland may turn out to be a provocation by the Russian side. It may transpire that its participants stage an attack attributed to Poles which will subsequently be used by Russian media to evidence Polish ‘Russophobia’. Hence, the Foundation pleaded not to let the riders enter the territory of the Republic of Poland. In addition to potential threats, the Foundation opposes the Night Wolves’ ride which it considers would manifest an absence of solidarity with the Ukrainian nation.