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Media in Ukraine and Russia on the campaign against the Night Wolves crossing Poland

Ukrainian and Russia media are widely commenting upon the article of “Radio Svoboda” about the protest of Polish activists, politicians, and non-governmental organisations, including the Open Dialog Foundation, against the Russian motorbike gang Night Wolves riding through Poland.

The campaign initiated on Facebook by Jarosław Podworski has already been joined by more than 12,000 people, including social activists, NGOs, and politicians. The Open Dialog Foundation has made another step. Ukrainian portals cite Tomasz Czuwara, head of the Foundation’s press office, who mentioned the addressing of a letter to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “We have requested that the Ministry for the staff of Polish consular offices to be cautious and not to issue the ride participants with visas. We are also requesting diplomats to establish who the Night Wolves are so that their particulars can be entered in the Schengen Information System. This information can be used by other states that may have a more favourable attitude to Putin’s policies to block them from being able to issue the ride participants with visas,” Czuwara said.

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