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‘Ukrainian World’ features in a reportage by The Guardian

The news portal wrote about Ukrainians, exiled from their homes by war and poverty, who seek refuge in neighbouring Poland. In Warsaw, refugees find assistance at ‘Ukrainian World’, an aid centre run by the Open Dialog Foundation.

Poland is becoming flooded with consecutive waves of refugees from the East. Those who are now in Warsaw can count on the legal and psychological assistance rendered at ‘Ukrainian World’. Every day, the centre is visited by hundreds of guests – some find much needed food and clothing there, others come to seek help with Polish visa applications. As estimated by Mateusz Kramek, a manager of the centre, approx. 70% of all visitors are looking for a job or are interested in studying at Polish universities, the remaining 30% wish to apply for refugee status.

‘Ukrainian World’ has also become a centre for Ukrainian culture. In addition to a large collection of books contained within the recently formed ‘Maidan Library’, it is also home to a museum which displays memorabilia from Maidan.