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Invitation to a panel debate: “13 hostages of Putin: How can we release them?”

The Open Dialog Foundation, along with Kiev Dialogue, EuroMaidan SOS and People in Need have an honour and a pleasure to invite you to a panel debate: “13 hostages of Putin: How can we release them?”

  • Thursday 24 September, 2015; 18:30 – 20:00;
  • Ukrainian World, Nowy Świat 63, Warsaw, Poland

 #Savchenko#Sentsov#Kohver – these are the best known names of citizens of neighboring countries, kidnapped and falsely accused in Russia. How many more we do not know? How to help them? 

The discussion will be centered around three key questions and areas:

  • What consequences should be drawn against the people involved in the kidnapping and imprisonment of citizens of neighboring countries in Russia?
  • How to help political prisoners – when does the publicity save lives, and when does it close the road to freedom?
  • How to monitor the situation of political prisoners sentenced to long-term prison sentences? 

The event will be moderated by:

  • Mrs Lyudmyla Kozlovska, President of the Open Dialog Foundation;


  • Harri Tiido – Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia in Poland;
  • Mr Yuriy Yatsenko – student from Lviv, activist of EuroMaidan, arrested by Russia and released after the #LetMyPeopleGO campaign;
  • Ms Oleksandra Matviychuk – civic activist, EuroMaidan SOS, initiator of the #LetMyPeopleGO campaign;
  • Mr Mark Feygin, lawyer of Ms Nadiya Savchenko, Ukrainian political prisoner in Russia;
  • Representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia.

 Speakers (by telebridge connection):

  • Ms Vira Savchenko – civic activist, sister of Ms Nadiya Savchenko;
  • Ms Marina Dubrovina, lawyer of Mr Stanislav Klich, Ukrainian activist detained in Russia;
  • Ms Natalia Kaplan – civic activist, sister of Mr Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian political prisoner in Russia;

A presentation of the latest Open Dialog Foundation’s report on the case of Oleg Sentsov will take place during the event.

Translation: English, Russian and Polish