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The armed attack on active workers of “Alga!” opposition party in Pavlodar

The active workers of “Alga!” opposition party were assaulted on March 11th in Pavlodar.

Five young men armed with knives attacked eight party active workers, four of which were women. The members of the oppositional “Alga” had balloons with an “I don’t go to elections” inscription on them.

As a result of the attack the balloons were cut and also the active workers were injured. Meanwhile in spite of the fact that corresponding applications were filed law-enforcement officers have ignored this crime.

As the journalist of the “Interfax-Kazakhstan” agency Marina Popova informed the press-service of the Department of Internal affairs of the Pavlodar Province gives information that there was not any armed attack on active workers, that just “teenagers pierced the balloons”. You can see the video of the attack here:

To prevent the police from covering up the fact that the assailants had knives and other sharp objects, the active workers of the “Alga!” party described all of the assailants and all of the weapons that was used in a statement to the police. They also posted a picture of the assailants and the weapons used against them here.

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