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Gazeta Wyborcza about the closing of the “Ukrainian World”: “What about the help to Ukrainians?”

The Ukrainian World, situated at the corner of the Świętokrzyska Street and Nowy Świat in Warsaw, closed its doors after two and a half years of activity. The centre was helping Ukrainians and promoting the Ukrainian culture”, writes Gazeta Wyborcza.

The newspaper refers to the official press statement of the Open Dialog Foundation, in which Bartosz Kramek informed about the closing of “Ukrainian World”, situated at Nowy Świat 63 in Warsaw, and thanked the authorities of the city of Warsaw for all the support, and of the Śródmieście district, which provided the location for free. The Head of the Foundation’s Board underlined that the Open Dialog Foundation is looking for a new location, as well as financial means to continue the centre’s activities. “The number of Ukrainians arriving to Poland keeps growing, which means that the integration needs are enormous. That is why we don’t want to definitively stop the activity. (…) We’re planning on opening it again in the future in an even more ambitious formula”, said Kramek.