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Global day #LetMyPeopleGo

On 10-14 October 2016, during the 4th plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a world-wide #StopPutinsWarInUkraine action will take place and photos of political prisoners and histories of their persecution will be published on social media within the #LetMyPeopleGo campaign.

Protests will take place in front of the embassies of the Russian Federation and in front of the Council of Europe’s premises in Strasbourg. The Ukrainian diaspora from 24 cities in 17 countries around the world, as well as Ukrainians from 18 cities in Ukraine will join the action on 14 October.

The main aim of the action is to:

  1. Draw attention to the cases of Ukrainians persecuted by the Russian authorities, and secure the release of over 30 Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia and on the territory of the occupied Crimea;
  2. Stop the Russia military aggression on Ukraine and lead to the withdrawal of the Russian troops and military equipment from Ukraine – by the prolongation and broadening of the sanctions imposed on Russia, i.a. through the continuation of the sanctions on the Russian delegation to PACE;
  3. Strengthen the OSCE observation mission and increase the timespan of its work to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7). Ensuring the access of the OSCE observation mission to the part of the Ukrainian-Russian border, which is not controlled by the Ukrainain authorities is the only way to force the Russian-separatist army to maintain the silence regime, ceasefire and to withdraw heavy weapons from the demarcation line.

In Warsaw, the protest will take place on Friday, 14 October 2016 at 18:00 in front of the building of the Embassy of Russia (Belwederska Street 49).

We invite all those who are not indifferent to join the world #StopPutinsWarInUkraine action! 

All you need to do to take part in the digital storm in defence of the political prisoners from the #LetMyPeopleGo list, taking place between 10 and 14 October, is to download the list of prisoners and their photos, choose one of them and publish it on your Facebook/Twitter profile along with a brief description, photo of the prisoners and #LetMyPeopleGo #Free[surname of the prisoner] hash tags. Invite your friends and family members to join the action, too!

There are currently no dedicated funds to financially support the activities aimed at defending prisoners from the #LetMyPeopleGo list. They have been financed so far exclusively thanks to the support of private donors. That is why individual help of each person that can support the campaign is so crucial. Every donation helps us to continue our fight for freedom and to defend political prisoners.

You can send donations to this bank account – Alior Bank SA PL: 79 2490 0005 0000 4600 7912 6269 (remember to write “support mission in defence of Ukrainian activists” in the title of the transfer) or to one of the following bank accounts:

PLN: 98 2490 0005 0000 4530 4115 2508
EUR: PL 67 2490 0005 0000 4600 2655 3455
USD: PL 49 2490 1057 0000 9901 4037 8411
                       BIC/SWIFT: ALBPPLPW

Find out more about the ODF mission to the EU and the Russian Federation in defence of Ukrainian activists

Your support makes a difference. Thanks to our common efforts, a number of Ukrainian political prisoners have already been freed, i.a.: Yuriy Yatsenko, Nadia Savchenko, Gennadiy Afanasyev and Yuriy Soloshenko.