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Open Dialog Foundation on the silent protest held on Putin’s birthday

On 07.10.2016, Vladimir Putin’s 64th birthday, activists from Euromaidan- Warszawa held a protest against the bloody policy of the President of Russia alongside activists from the Open Dialog Foundation. Several dozen people brought along with them portraits of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the war in the Donbas.

‘This time we want to hold a silent protest. We will come dressed in black, we will bring portraits of Ukrainians who have perished in the war along with us and we will gather along the fence of the aggressor country’s embassy. We don’t need to say anything else… words are superfluous ‘ – the organisers wrote in social network posts. Natalia Panchenko from the Open Dialog Foundation and the leader of Euromaidan- Warszawa noted that, since the previous noisy protests didn’t reach Putin and his circle, she had decided to give a voice to the victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war. “We brought portraits of people close to us – friends and acquaintances who have given their lives for Ukraine. For some, they were family members or former schoolmates, for others, they were friends. One person brought a photograph of a soldier whom he had never known personally” – said Natalia Panchenko.

Photos thanks to Jan Gopko, Euromaidan-Warszawa

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