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The Open Dialog Foundation supports civil society and innovations in Moldova

The Open Dialog Foundation together with the local team in Moldova is working on the development of youth organisation with the vision to educate young people to further develop Moldova’s economy.

The problems young people face today in Moldova are unemployment, low wages, low quality of education which results in emigration abroad for better prospects.

IT Moldova Foundation/Innocente Moldova running the Academy+Moldova project and The Open Dialog Foundation are working to tackle this issue by creating conditions for better job opportunities and education models so that young people can live and work in their home country. Our team is cooperating with the business sector in order to tailor education to meet labour market needs.

Our target is not only youth of the capital city of Chisinau but also young people across Moldova with fewer opportunities.

The Open Dialog Foundation supports its young Moldovan partner in the field of organisational development, fundraising and partnership management. Furthermore, the ODF offers its extensive experience in post-Soviet countries to its partner in order to transfer knowledge, international experience and the best practices.

The project is led by our colleague and expert Christine Brandauer thanks to the invitation of Alexandru Machedon, the visionary founder and CEO of StarNet company.