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Flash Mob “Nu Plaha – Free Moldova” against introduction of new election system in Moldova

On Tuesday 9 May around 300 people gathered in front of the Moldovan parliament to raise their voice against the change of the current election system.

“PD, PSRM – the country is a mess”, “We want you to work, not vote”, “PD, PSRM, PPEM- the Diggers of Democracy” –  People came to the protest equipped with banners showing clear messages to their current government.

At yesterday’s flash mob activists, civil society leaders, NGO’s and political party members gathered to expressed their disagreement with a new electoral system in Moldova. Among the protestants were also members of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary opposition parties. They stressed the withdrawal of the draft laws 60 and 123, which introduce a change to uninominal and mixed voting system in Moldova. Among the speakers where representatives from:

  • Dignity and Truth Platform Party (Partidul Platforma Demnitate şi Adevăr)
  • Action and Solidarity (Partidul Acțiune și Solidaritate) 
  • Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (Partidul Liberal Democrat din Moldova)

Yesterday’s flashmob is just one in a series of flashmob, which began last Friday after the vote for the bill presented by the Socialist Party to change the current electoral system to a mixed electoral system. The vote is considered as procedural violation, since committees were not included in the decision process. Today midday Vladimir Plahotniuc, chairman of the President of the Democratic Party, announced that the government will compromise to vote over a mixed party system. He stated clearly that his party won’t give up in pushing the idea of a uninominal electoral system in Moldova to be introduced. Upcoming Sunday, May 14, a big rally will take place on the 12th National Assembly Square in Moldova against the introduction of a new electoral system.