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“We have not called for illegal actions” – Bartosz Kramek replies to MFA’s letter

On 4.08.2017, the Head of the Open Dialog Foundation’s Board Bartosz Kramek replied to the letter from the Director General of Foreign Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Andrzej Jasionowski, in which, amongst other things, the Foundation is called upon to explain why on its official Facebook profile “information is posted which calls for illegal actions.

“Following the procedure of supervision over the Foundation, I request explanation why information is posted on the Foundation’s official Facebook profile which calls for illegal actions such as encouraging people not to perform the obligation to pay taxes or personal attacks aimed against concrete persons” – MFA’s letter reads.

In response, the Head of the Foundation’s Board emphasized in the first place that he was not aware of what personal attacks were referred to in the letter of 27 July 2017 and requested details of the matter. He then referred to the alleged calling for illegal actions, advising – as the author of the study which already became famous in recent days – that even though it had been published on his private profile and only made available by the Foundation, it should be considered in the context of the statement made by the Foundation itself. “The Management Board have decided to publish the said statement and make the said study available in the view of unprecedented circumstances which involved, in accordance with opinions of many legal and opinion-forming circles, as well as our own assessment, an attempt of an actual attack against the constitutional tri-division of power and, more specifically – the independence of the administration of justice and the autonomy of judges” – Kramek writes.

He also denies the false information disseminated in the media space by the state- and pro-government media that the study entitled Let the state stop supposedly contains calls for illegal actions. He points out in particular that the study is not an attempt to forcibly change the constitutional system of the Republic of Poland. The aim is different: to stop the violation of the Constitution and the attack on the rule of law in Poland and firm exclusion of any violence.

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