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Krytyka Polityczna: Open Dialog Foundation targeted by pro-government media

”Spontaneous protests are an organised attempt to overthrow the government, NGOs are agents of organised influences, and Western Europe is degenerated and culturally alien” – similar rhetoric, in the opinion of the author of the article which was published on 1 August 2017 in Krytyka Polityczna, brings the ones in power and the media subordinated to them to Putin’s Russia. They are now targeting the Open Dialog Foundation.

The attack of the media dominated by the governing party on ODF started soon after the Chair of the Foundation’s Council Bartosz Kramek published in the social network a note in which he supported the protests going on in Poland for several weeks and was wondering how the experience of the Ukrainian EuroMajdan could be used in the struggle for free courts and the defence of the Constitution. ”The media close to the Law and Justice party (PiS) presented that as a “scenario for a rebellion”, allegedly pursued by the protesters against the draft reforms of the judiciary in the streets” – we read on the pages of Krytyka Polityczna.

The Open Dialog Foundation is only one of the many NGO’s which, taking a clear position on the protests, have become a victim of the propaganda intended to subordinate the third sector to the government. ”The Open Dialog Foundation and Akcja Demokracja, amongst others, have been targeted by the pro-government media. The ”Wiadomości” news devoted to the latter another insinuating material with arrows which were to prove, above all, that the organisation is financed mainly from foreign sources. Which is no secret. TVP insinuated too that Akcja’ staff ”live on no one knows what” – even though, as noted – their pays can be found on the organisation’s website” – the author of the article writes.


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