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Wirtualna Polska about the media and government’s smear campaign against ODF. Kramek: “This is a politically motivated beginning of repressions”

The Wirtualna Polska internet portal is another medium, next to, amongst others,, TVN24 or Radio Zet, which has devoted its material to an attack by the government and pro-government media against the Open Dialog Foundation after the Head of the Foundation’s Board Bartosz Kramek had officially supported the protests against the violation of the Constitution by PiS. ”The pro-government circles and right-wing media accuse the Open Dialog Foundation (ODF) of cooperation with Russia and the intention to conduct a bloody putsch. Even though as recently as a few years ago that PiS politicians were willing to cooperate with the Foundation” – we read on

This is a politically motivated beginning of repressions. I expect anything, including that the Internal Security Agency (ABW) will come to the Foundation or I will be arrestedBartosz Kramek  said in an interview with Wirtualna Polska. The activities of ODF had not raised suspicions of PiS members for a long time. Some of the governing party’s politicians even cooperated with the Foundation in Ukraine when protests and fights were going on at EuroMaidan. Because of that, the head of the Foundation’s  Board has no doubt that the current attitude of Law and Justice’s deputies towards the Foundation results from its objection against the takeover of courts in Poland. – More and more non-government organisations are being attacked. Such as Obywatele RP, for that matter, which is being invigilated, as we know. I suspect that more and more associations and foundations will have problemsKramek said.


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