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Onet analyses Marcin Rey’s report on the ODF. “Another attack on the Foundation and yet another disgrace”

On 19 July, Onet published a detailed analysis of a report by Marcin Rey, an editor of “The Russian Fifth Column in Poland”, who focused on the activities of the Open Dialog Foundation and its financing sources. The Author of the analysis, Marcin Wyrwał, journalist, after comparing the ODF records and the content of that report, described it as: “Another attack on the Open Dialog Foundation, and yet another disgrace“.

A tracker of Russian influences in Poland has published a 150-page report on the ODF, which is supposed to reveal its darkest secrets. Instead, the author has found himself lost amidst his own errors, misrepresentations and suspicions” – says Marcin Wyrwał (Onet) in his introduction to the analysis. The report was released shortly after Bartosz Kramek, Head of the Foundation Board, published his article “Let the state stop: let us deactivate the government!” on social network at the period when people in Poland protested against the reform of the judiciary system. “According to the right-wing press, the article presented aputsch recipe for Poland, despite the fact that Mr Kramek himself would rather describe it as a set of tools that could be used in order to suppress ‘PiS’s (Law and Justice’s) attack on the rule of law in Poland’. Witold Waszczykowski, Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that ODF’s operations must be inspected. Stanisław Pięta, MP of Law and Justice, twitted: “@ODFoundation – Get out of Poland!”. From that time on, the right-wing media have been continuing their relentless attacks on the ODF” – claims Marcin Wyrwał, adding that the report by Marcin Rey is part of an unsubstantiated general assault at NGOs.

The article published by the Onet journalist, who met the Foundation’s leaders and acquainted himself with the ODF’s records, covered only part of issues which should be rectified. Therefore, Bartosz Kramek insists that the issue needs to be discussed further. The analysis has been supplemented by a statement issued by Lyudmyla Kozlovska, ODF President.

Marcin Rey refused to provide Onet with his comments on this issue.

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