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Lyudmyla Kozlovska for Newsweek: Silence would be a hypocrisy

“How can one speak of democracy to people of Ukraine, Belarus or Moldova, and at the same time, turn a blind eye to a threat to democracy in Poland? Silence would be a hypocrisy.” – says Lyudmyla Kozlovska, President of the Open Dialog Foundation in her interview for Newsweek.

An extensive interview with Lyudmyla Kozlovska was released on 11 August this year. In this interview, the ODF President explained the rationale behind the Foundation’s statement on the current situation in Poland and rebutted false claims propagated by the right-wing media in order to discredit the Foundation both nationally and abroad. She also described the repercussions faced by herself, Bartosz Kramek, and the rest of the ODF team. “There is a tax inspection. A group of seven inspectors comes in. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called us to delete my husband’s entry… The Foundation has now suspended its work, the inspectors have taken over our records and all that hassle upsets our sponsors, we may lose some of them. The ruling party politicians express hostile opinions about us. Stanisław Pięta, MP of the Law and Justice has once twitted: “Get out of Poland”. This way he has just reminded me that I am Ukrainian, and I am not at home. Perhaps one day they will cancel my residence permit and deport me out of country. Perhaps the same fate will be shared by those of us, who are not Polish nationals. And there is this general online hate, phone threats. But that is not the worse part. If I would like to invite anyone from Moldova or Belarus for a training, they will not be allowed to come. Polish embassies will refuse to issue visas for them. We have been blacklisted.” – says Kozlovska.

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