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naTemat rebuts conspiracy theories concerning the ODF and Google Inc.’s support for political opposition in Poland

According to naTemat, Professor Andrzej Zybertowicz, an advisor to President of Poland has proposed the claim that Google Inc. supports only those NGOs which oppose the Law and Justice: “He has accused this giant technological enterprise of supporting the Open Dialog Foundation which has, for some time now, been regularly persecuted by the public television of the alleged use of the suspicious Russian funds. And of its support of the so-called “total opposition” and “strollers”, whose aim is to overthrow the lawfully elected government. This is possible thanks to a series of secret donations by Google Inc. or, even worse, the use of personal data gathered by that company for microtargeting and affecting public sentiments in Poland. All these actions would be linked to the alleged leftist stance of the US corporation.” – the article says.

Meanwhile, as Google representatives claim, such support actually boils down to the provision of online services within the corporation’s global NGOs support scheme offered to all Polish foundations and associations recorded in the National Court Register. According to naTemat, Paweł Zalewski, representing Google Poland, claims that: more than 20 thousand organisations from over 50 countries, including hundreds of Polish entities, take advantage of this offer.

There are several hundred Polish NGOs which take advantage of this support, and without an in-depth analysis it is hard to believe that these are only the ones representing the wrong side of the fence. Let’s think of the most obvious examples such as… YouTube or Gmail Inbox” – says the author and presents a list of Polish patriotic, Christian or non-political organisations which take advantage of Google Inc’s support.

Let us keep in mind that the Open Dialog Foundation has been attacked by public media soon after Bartosz Kramek, Head of the Foundation Board published his note in social networks, in which he supported the Polish protests and wondered how the Ukrainian Euromaidan’s legacy might be used by protesters in their struggle for independent judiciary and the Constitution. The government’s campaign against the ODF has been broadly commented upon by TVN24,, Wirtualna Polska, Radio Zet, Krytyka Polityczna, etc.

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