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Kramek at “Dryjańska naTemat”: We need to stand firm against extermination of NGOs. We have already seen that happening in Russia

On 31st July, Bartosz Kramek, Head of the Foundation Board, taking part in Anna Dryjańska’s interview presented by “naTemat” and in social media, summarised the current situation in Poland and controversies around his letter titled: “Let the state stop: let us deactivate the government!”.

According to Kramek, the assault of the authorities and public media on the ODF, following its statement based on his letter, is nothing else but an attack on the civil society in Poland. The Head of the Foundation Board has compared this assault to Putin’s way of exterminating NGOs.

The first step is a misleading and libelling campaign conducted by the propagandistic media. At the second stage, NGOs are cut off from its international financing sources, and their financial records are scrutinised. At the third stage, individuals are persecuted. Activists are punished. Premises are inspected, equipment is intercepted, people are arrested, court actions are brought against them – says Kramek. – This is what will happen here. We have witnessed that process in Russia.


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