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The Open Dialog Foundation in “Teraz Ja!” program: We feel the pressure, it is a violation of human rights

On 30 July, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, President, and Bartosz Kramek, Head of the Foundation Board were invited to Nowa TV studio to take part in Tomasz Sekielski’s “Teraz Ja!” . The discussion focused on the situation in Poland and reasons for a massive media and government campaign against the ODF.

We fully respect the results of democratic elections, and, contrary to what we, the opposition, different social groups and ordinary Poles protesting on the streets over the past few weeks have been accused of by the Law and Justice, nobody questions the fact that it is them who won the elections, that is why they have a right to govern and enact laws – emphasises Bartosz Kramek, an author of a famous letter titled: “Let the state stop: let us deactivate the government!” who has already been proclaimed by the progovernment elites as a “rally architect”. The Chairman of the ODF stressed that he protested against violation of the Polish Constitution by the government.

When commenting on how the government, media and Law and Justice supporters reacted to his statement, Kramek said that the amount of hate and threats surprised the Foundation’s members. Yet, they expected this to happen and now they just had to face the consequences, such as e.g. a request for inspection of the ODF by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed by Mariusz Kamiński, the secret services co-ordinator. Sadly, we do not have a chance to meet each other at court, but instead, a typically Russian, Kazakh or even more repressive scenario is in place: the head of secret services orders the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inspect us urgently. Within just one hour we’ve requested to answer some questions. We have nothing to hide, but we consider this as an assault on the civil society – adds Lyudmyla Kozlovska.


The Source: Nowa TV

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