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Marcin Święcicki: The reports on the ODF are false

On 2 August, Marcin Święcicki, MP of the Civic Platform, was a guest on “24 Pytania – Rozmowa Poranka” broadcast on Polskie Radio 24. The main topic discussed by Katarzyna Adamiak-Sroczyńska included the latest right-wing media reports on the Open Dialog Foundation.

According to such reports, the ODF has engaged itself in trading weapons and calls for a putsch in Poland. – All such allegations are utterly false – says Mr Święcicki. – They simply raised money and sent bulletproof vests and helmets to civilians at Euromaidan to safeguard them against Putin’s and Yanukovych’s snipers. The ODF obtained a permit for exporting and trading in such vests and helmets, and they are trying to impute that such permit covered firearms and cannons.

In his view, the information spread by the national media, which have become deeply interested in the ODF’s affairs these days, are just a misleading campaign instituted against the Foundation due to the strong anti-government stance expressed by Bartosz Kramek, Head of the Foundation Board. – Accusing them of trying to overthrow the government by force just because their Chairman has published a critical letter calling the citizens to oppose the government, is simply outrageous – says Święcicki.

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