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Statement of the Open Dialog Foundation of 23 July 2017

Dear Friends,

  1. In the published article, Bartosz Kramek expressly emphasised the need to maintain the PEACEFUL nature of the protest actions. We agree that the presented postulates may be perceived as far-reaching and controversial, but the basic premise is articulated directly: LET’S ACT VERY DECISIVELY, BUT WITH NO VIOLENCE. Aggression is not the way. His and our motives are laid out clearly, and every thesis is justified. We do not encourage anyone to organise Maidan in Poland; we draw on its experience, pointing to the need to ensure the proper organisation, order and security of the protest sites. We encourage you to engage in a cultural discussion and polemics, but first, please read the article carefully. Contrary to the persistent claims of the right-wing media, we refuse to refer to it as an ‘instruction’; according to the intention of the author, please treat the quoted points just as a set of proposals and postulates for consideration (of course, in connection with the further development of the situation).
  2. The reverberation in the media caused by the article evoked a huge amount of interaction. We are unable, at least temporarily, to moderate the discussion on our fanpage to the appropriate extent. The wave of hateful comments, containing insults and threats (punishable under criminal law), resembles our experience with pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian trolling at its best and it is too great to be controlled (among others, due to our participation in the protests and other activities). Therefore, we apologise to all for any inconvenience this may have caused you. In due time, we will put everything in order. We have already banned hundreds of aggressive people and fake profiles. But that is not enough. The same must apply to profiles of members of the Foundation’s governing bodies.

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