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According to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bartosz Kramek is inciting to break the law. It tells the Foundation to delete the “illegal” content

On the 7th August, the Open Dialog Foundation received another letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this time telling it to urgently delete from the web space „information inciting to undertake illegal activities”.

Confusing the “Open Dialog Foundation” with the inactive “The Open Dialog Foundation”, the Foreign Service Director General Andrzej Jasionowski, calls upon its President, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, ”to immediately no later, however, than within 3 days from the receipt of this letter, delete from its website, social media profiles and other public websites, manager, owned and/or operated by the Foundation and supporting the Foundation, information inciting to undertake illegal activities, including addressed to state authorities ”.The letter also notes that in the Ministry’s view Bartosz Kramek’s study, contrary to what he asserts, is not in the nature of an idea but an actual call to break the law.

In response, the Head of the Foundation Boardnoted that “The Open Dialog Foundation” does not pursue any activity, does not have websites and hence it is not possible to delete the content concerned. He added that ODF’s position had been presented in the previous letter of the 4th August. He requested, however, “precise identification of the wordings” which, in the Ministry’s opinion “are calls to +undertake illegal activities + and point to the legal regulations to which they are not contrary”. Onet and Dziennik portals have already provided information about the matter.


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