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“We see the Ministry’s call as censorship” – Bartosz Kramek comments on the Ministry’s letter

The Ministry give the Foundation three days to unpublish the manifesto written by Bartosz Kramek” – Onet informed on the 8th August. The portal devoted an extensive article to the Foreign Ministry’s measures which are a consequence of the Head of the Foundation Boardspeaking on the violation of the Constitution by the current government.

Let’s recall that on the 21st July 2017, the Foundation issued a statement and made available a study by Bartosz Kramek entitled ”Let the state stop: let us deactivate the government!” which presented 16 ideas for a peaceful civil protest against the ones currently in power. Despite the continuous emphasis that it is only a collection of postulations and inspirations for action of peaceful nature, the text attracted the attention of the ruling party and the Foundation itself and its individual members became the object of attacks from government-supporting circles and an object of deceitful informational campaign. The Ministry ordered detailed inspections of the Foundation and on the 7th August it called to delete “information inciting to undertake illegal activities”.

Bartosz Kramek, in a talk with an Onet journalist, comments briefly on that: “We see the call from the Ministry as censorship” – and notes that ODF is now analysing the legal grounds on which the Ministry relies. He does not believe, however, that the law has been broken.



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