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Polsat News covers the speech of Bartosz Kramek at OSCE/ODIHR HDIM 2017 side event

An article posted on the website of the Polsat News channel was devoted to the participation of the Head of the Foundation Boardof the ODF Bartosz Kramek in the discussion panel organised during the conference of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The event was held under the name of ”Attack against the rule of law and civil society in Poland”.

In addition to ODF’s representative, the discussion was joined by members of, inter alia, the Board of the Committee for the Defence of Democracy, Citizens of Poland, the Modern (Nowoczesna) party or the Congress of Women.

I believe there are no things impossible and this was the case of Majdan too and many other cases in other countries, anything can happen and it is us who need to create social attitudes and seek opportunities, seek impulses for this government to open new fronts, for this government to make mistakes and for various officers at various levels of the government to feel uncomfortable Kramek was saying, adding that fear cannot be self-censored, because the law and Justice party is just waiting for that. In his view, protests by Jarosław Kaczyński’s house breached domestic peace but this in justified in the view of the violation of the Constitution.

Bartosz Kramek was also talking about the Foundation’s nearest plans relating to the current political situation and the persecution by the government of non-government organisations which are critical about it. – We are also planning at the end of September (to be) heard at the forum of the European Parliament and I consider this a value, and this is the international element, and this is the European pressure, this needs to be done – he said.


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