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Onet: The Government does not want an Open Dialog

“Currently, there are not regular inspection activities because the system has picked Open Dialog at random but because Minister Kamiński called Minister Waszczykowski and said: “Do something with them” – this is how the Head of the Foundation BoardBartosz Kramek comments on the government’s activities towards Open Dialog Foundation. The way in which the party in power is fighting with ODF and other non-governmental organisations is covered by Onet portal.

An Onet journalist advised that an in-depth customs and fiscal inspection is underway at the Foundation even though in December last year, whilst the Law and Justice (PiS) party were already in power, ODF was subjected to a detailed inspectionin relation to the license it had had before. No irregularities were found then. However, after the Foundation’s response to the protests against violating the Polish Constitution, PiS decided to intervene. – As many as seven inspectors came to us, they took nearly all documents and keep demanding new explanations all the time. They want information which we never had to record. Our accountants say they’ve never seen anything like that Kramek says, and another ODF associate adds: – As far as I know the authority aim to demonstrate that the Foundation is paying too low taxes. They can then go to the television and say the Foundation is robbing Poles.

Open Dialog Foundation is not the only organisation which is in the government’s focus because of its attitude that is critical about it. Also organisations supporting women, civil society, LGBT or anti-violence ones are having trouble too. The government is reducing their financing, files court actions against them, send prosecutors in. – This is a purely political action and they are not even concealing this. We see this as a persecutionKramek comments.

Source: wiadomoś