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Gazeta Prawna: Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to appeal against court decision on ODF

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received the court’s decision dismissing the motion to suspend the management board and appoint a compulsory administrator for the Open Dialog Foundation; the Ministry is planning to file a complaint in the matter Gazeta Prawna writes relying on information from the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

On the 7th December, the District Court (Sąd Rejonowy) in Warsaw endorsed the Foundation’s position that the Ministry “did not effectively call upon the Foundation to repair the omissions in the activities of the Management Board”. In the Court’s view, a particular irregularity was the fact that the Ministry had addressed a letter in which it called upon the Foundation to delete contents deemed to call for “undertaking illegal actions” to the Management Board of the Foundation “The Open Dialog Foundation” instead of the Open Dialog Foundation. And these – in legal terms – are two different organisations.

The Head of the Foundation Board Bartosz Kramek considered such decision of the Court to be discrediting to Minister Witold Waszczykowski, “who demonstrated that he is as familiar with the Polish legal system and in the law on foundations in particular as he is with diplomatic relations with countries of Latin America”.


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