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Does Ukraine face the Moldovan scenario? Ukrainian deputy refers to an ODF report

In an interview, a Moldovan oligarch – monopolist Vladimir Plahotniuc called Petro Poroshenko his close friend. The war relations between the Ukrainian and Moldovan oligarchs have a symbolic context in the sense of a similar trajectory of both states” writes Victoria Voytsitska, a Ukrainian deputy from the Samopomich party in an article that came out on the 28th July on the website of Novoe Vremya weekly

Voytsitska asserts that Vladimir Plahotniuc has an uncontrolled and unlimited influence in Moldova. She refers on a report of the Open Dialog Foundation entitled „The Captured State: Politically Motivated Prosecution in Moldova And Usurpation of Power by Vladimir Plahotniuc” in which the Foundation’s analysts say that the oligarch holds 70% of Moldova’s television market, his company’s assets are estimated at USD 2-2.5 billion or 30% of Moldova’s GDP, and as head of the Democratic Party of Moldova, he belongs to the ruling coalition and controls all key legislative decisions in the state. „As the report notes, international experts and journalists have emphasized a number of times that the party of Moldova’s current President Dodon is fully dependent on Vladimir Plahotniuc”, the deputy notes.

She also provides examples of persecutions of the oligarch’s opponents – Ana Ursachi and Alexandru Machedon. The latter is being persecuted by the Moldovan clan using their contacts in the Odessa oblast in Ukraine. It is there that Machedon was unfoundedly accused of raping a child. ”In response to official inquiries from the Open Dialog Foundation, the Odessa police branch refused to disclose the details of the matter and the procedural status of the investigation. At the same time, the investigative administration of the Odessa oblast communicated that Machedon’s case was under control of Ukraine’s General Prosecutor’s Office which is a tool for Petro Poroshenko’s political influence”, we read on the website.