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VR vs War. A new project of The Farm 51, Centre for Civil Liberties and ODF

It will probably be for the first time in history that Ukrainian and Polish non-governmental organisations will make use of state-of-the-art technologies to fight for human rights. The Open Dialog Foundation and the Center for Civil Liberties, together with the Polish IT company The Farm 51, with the help of VR technology, will tell the world about the captives taken in Donbas.

Konstanty Kulik and Wojciech Pazdur of The Farm 51 filmed, with a 3D camera, the basements and cellars of buildings on the areas liberated from the hands of separatists, where Ukrainian captives were kept, tortured and killed. The VR technology enables the viewer to immerse in the virtual reality and experience the emotions involved in the impression of physical presence at these places. The emotions enhance the genuine stories of released people who will also be featured in the recordings.

The Open Dialog Foundation and the Center for Civil Liberties, which support the company in developing the project, thus want to draw the world’s attention to the problem of hostages, both military and civilian ones, who are now kept on the occupied territories of Donbas. In the meantime, work on the VR vs War project is going on.