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Andrzej Wielowieyski for Rzeczpospolita: The strike against the Open Dialog Foundation is Russia’s success

Such a fierce attempt at gagging the Foundation and undermining its work, despite its undisputable contributions and achievements, is just bewildering. Obviously, there is one country which clearly dislikes the Open Dialog Foundation. It is Russia.” – says Andrzej Wielowieyski, Member of the ODF Foundation Board.

Wielowieyski expressed his astonishment at the fact that the Polish authorities reported Lyudmyla Kozlovska, ODF President, to the Schengen Information System and had her deported from the EU territory in Rzeczpospolita. “This was surprising even though it was clear that the Polish authorities decided to expel the ODF from Poland just because Bartosz Kramek, Head of the Foundation Board published his harshly critical appeal in defence of the tripartition of powers in Poland” – explains Wielowieyski, enumerating some of the ODF’s merits such as for e.g. effective defence of human rights in the East, freeing of political prisoners, providing humanitarian aid for Euromaidan protesters, inhabitants and refugees from Donbas, and advocating Interpol reforms.


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