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Provocations in Kazakhstan: at least 400-450 persons couldn’t arrive in Astana

In Kazakhstan struggle develops for compliance of fundamental law – the Constitution – by the incumbent administration of the country. Astana sees arrival of activists of an established public Committee “Let’s Defend the Constitution”. Members of this organization consider it necessary to demand from the President Nazarbayev to invalidate pre-term election as admittedly unjust.

This initiative has several reasons:

  • 1. Unequal starting conditions for candidates (when one of them is a sitting president, and others have only a month for the campaign),
  • 2. Declared unwillingness of the candidates to  struggle for a position of the country president,
  • 3. Transformation of candidates’ campaigns into campaigns of the present president’s support,
  • 4. Absence of agitation campaigns of candidates (except Nazarbayev’s), in the form of posters, billboards, TV promotion etc.
  • 5. Unwillingness of candidate Nazarbayev to submit income declaration as it is required by the Law,
  • 6. Available and not disproved information that candidate Nazarbayev indicated in documents wrong data of his marital status etc.